My name is Dj uri

I'm a performance dj

from The Netherlands.



Standing in the front, the People around you are getting crazy!, light surrounding you and the beat of the music is working all over your body.

I was on the age of 16 when i saw my number one DJ rocking on a festival and doing this to me and my friends, And when i met him in person i really knew that this was not just a hobby but it was going to be my lifestyle. Playing my own kind of music for a crowd that loves it even better, is the best feeling in the world.

My job is to get the people so crazy about my style of music that they will talk about it for days. I will give them shows, acts, new kind of music, and many more things to make sure they will have a great Experience they will never forget. The moment the first beat drop until the last bang sounds.


Real Name: Djuri Laenen
Residency: Ospel
Location: The Netherlands
Played @ : Source of Summer, Club Eleven, Pisapenfeest
DJ Since: 2011
Category: Club DJ
Music source: Vinyl, CD
Set duration: 3-6 hours



No upcoming shows and gigs at the moment!


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I am available for booking

Feel free to contact me


Email: info@dj-uri.com

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